Follow Your Own Advice

13 Sep

Recently I requested that a communications expert add me as a friend on Facebook.  In that request, I asked for some advice on overcoming my shyness.  Yes, in many situations I can be quite shy and terribly awkward.  This particular expert has written books on how to connect with people by making them feel special.  While her advice certainly makes sense, I have trouble putting it into practice.  When faced with new people, even when faced with friends, I can freeze up and revert to old behaviors.  Realizing this was my tendency, I asked the expert what she thought I should do.

The expert’s response startled me.  She’s a busy woman.  She writes, she consults, and she has several speaking engagements.  When she said that she’d have a hard time giving me advice “without the pleasure of knowing me,” I understood.  But then the bitch misspelled my name.  On Facebook.  You know, that website where your name is posted with all of your messages?

Wow.  I sure feel special.


One Response to “Follow Your Own Advice”

  1. Superman September 24, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    Diana, maybe you are too sensitive. And another thi — shit, gotta go, I’m very very busy you know!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!! IMHO!!!!!!!!!!

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