6 Aug

In my creative writing class, the teacher had us all write the first sentence to a story and then pass that sentence to our left. Just to be sure, I did NOT write the first sentence of this story.

Ruth dragged me into the women’s restroom so we cold watch the old ladies pee from under the stall doors. Lucky for me, the tooth the old lady with the cap-toed oxford knocked out when she kicked me was a baby tooth. That lady did me a favor, the Tooth Fairy gave me a whole dollar for that tooth.

Ruth’s parents weren’t thrilled they had to take her to the hospital when the swelling in her nose didn’t go down overnight. I’m sure she messed with her nose while she was supposed to be sleeping, to hear a little clicking sound when she pressed one certain spot. Ruth was also a hard-core nose-picker.

When her parents asked her how she broke her nose, Ruth told them exactly what happened to her. Her parents were shocked. Her mother literally clutched her pearls. Too bad her dad didn’t wear a monocle like Mr. Peanut; it would have dropped on its cord as Mr. Logan’s eyes widened in surprise.

The Logans called my parents and apologized over and over. My parents, unlike Ruth’s, were used to Ruth’s disturbing behavior. The Logans grounded Ruth and took away her iPad Mini for two weeks. My parents just decided we shouldn’t be allowed to go to the movies without an adult again.


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